Advocacy & Legislature

New Mexico PTA encourages you to be involved with our State Legislature. Advocacy for our children is one of the main functions of New Mexico PTA. It is our goal to inform you about legislation in our State and in our Nation’s Capitol that will effect your child’s education. While we will inform you about legislative actions we do not take sides and serve as merely a source of information. Please use the information on this page to find our State Legislator and information about advocacy and what you can do to be a good advocate for your child.

New Mexico State Legislature

The New Mexico State Legislature convenes in regular sessions on the third Tuesday in January each year. The Legislature meets for 60 days in odd-numbered years and 30 days in even-numbered years. Between regular sessions, legislators serve on interim committees that study a variety of issues.

The Legislature is composed of a 70-member House of Representatives and a 42-member Senate. The members are unpaid for their legislative work, but do receive a daily living allowance for each day of official legislative work. Legislators are elected from districts of approximately equal population. Several counties with small populations may be combined to form a single district.

Please read this pdf, Advocacy 101 Document that explains in a very easy to understand way the legislative process in the state of New Mexico

Follow this link to the New Mexico State Legislature Website