Common Core in New Mexico

Lately there has been a lot of information and misinformation about the Common Core State Standards. It is our position here at the New Mexico PTA to inform you of what our state is doing about the Common Core Standards and to give you direction in finding the information you are looking for. The New Mexico PTA is not here to take a side on this hotly debated issue. Please make sure to go to the Department of Education Website and learn more about the Common Core Standards in our State so you can make informed decisions about you feel about the standards.

Let our state leaders know where you stand on the Common core issue. If you are concerned about the Common Core please use the information you know to discuss any concerns with your child’s school principal, teacher, district office, state leaders, etc.

Here is the link to the New Mexico State Common Core Standards

Here is another link to the state Common Core Website which is different from the PED website.

Here is a PDF explaining simply what the standards are.

Here is the link to the APS site and their standards

There are also apps you can get for free from itunes and the droid app store that have the standards listed and update with the latest changes made to the standards.

Please do not think we are taking a side on the Common Core issue. This page is simply here to show you where some of the state resources are. We also want to encourage you to go beyond the resources we have listed here. Inform yourself so you can make an educated opinion of how you feel about Common Core. When parents are involved in their children’s learning they are more successful. Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself about the Common Core Standards. Our children’s education is so important. Understanding these standards will help you make solid decisions about your child’s education and how to help them to succeed at learning.

Here is What the National PTA has to say about Common Core Standards

PTA Leaders Share Common Core Advocacy Strategy

Watch “A Conversation with Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware,” a short video of school administrators and teachers who discuss how common Core helps to improve a student’s college and career readiness.

National PTA recently released a Common Core video series to educate parents on the standards and empower them to support the transition at school and home.

The series features 14 videos—developed in partnership with the Hunt Institute—to dispel the myths and provide accurate information about Common Core.

Watch the series at

For more info, visit our Common Core website or contact Chrystal Jones.